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What is the Panorama format and which cameras have it?

"Panorama" photography was introduced with the Dynax series-i cameras in 1989.First level: Use of accessory "Panorama Adapter Set." This included a special focusing screen which had panaorama outlines and a special mask, and tool to insert it into the film frame window inside the camera. The set was made for use with Dynax 7000i and 8000i. (This could be fitted to 7000 and 9000 but is not recommended.)Second level: Dynax 7xi: "Panorama Adapter Holder Set 1" This included the special mask and tool to insert it into the film frame window inside the camera ONLY. The Dynax 7xi and 9xi had a special indexing switch in the film frame area which activated panorama lines in the film frame. The holder set could be used with the 3xi and 5xi but is not recommend as there is no way to show the reduced film frame area because the focusing screen cannot be changed and there is no "automatic" way to do the job. Some Japanese-market Alpha 7xi and 5xi cameras were imported to the USA. These had switches on the base plate for ASZ and Panorama. Moving the switch activates a mask and the viewfinder information. Third Level: Dynax 700si/800si. These cameras use the "Panorama Adapter Holder Set 1." Both of these cameras have an LCD screen viewfinder which shows the Panorama framing. However, switching on of the panorama finder indication is not automatic like the 7xi/9xi and the photographer must press buttons and turn ON the camera to activate the display. 700si: Press and hold in AF and CARD buttons while moving power switch to ON.800si: Press and hold the Subject Program button and AF buttons while moving the power switch to ON.Repeat to remove the indication. Fourth Level: 300si/400si/500si/505si/404si and Panorama versions (QD-P): These have a rotary switch on the film door release side of the camera. Moving it to Panorama caused masks to move into place in the film frame and viewfinder. Panorama operation in Riva Cameras: A switch is located near the viewfinder. Moving it to Panorama moves a mask for the film frame and viewfinder. Minolta Freedom Vista This was a Panorama-Only camera. PROCESSING FILM It is advisable to tell your processor that the film was shot in the Panorama Format.

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