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How does the AE (Auto Exposure) Lock Work?

What is an Auto Exposure Lock? Exposure is the amount of light reaching the film. It is controlled by two camera settings: the shutter speed which controls the duration that the light reaches the film; and the aperture which controls the volume of light reaching the film at any duration. As the name indicates, the AEL control is effective when the camera is controlling the exposure automatically. When AEL is pressed, the exposure computer memorizes the amount of light needed to reach the film for proper exposure (as determined by the metering system). It does not lock the shutter speed or aperture settings. If the shutter speed is decreased (higher number), the aperture will open up (lower number) to keep the exposure the same. The converse is true. Use the AEL to maintain exposure of a dark subject in a bright surrounding area. Zoom in to get only the subject, press the AEL, zoom out for the proper framing and shoot. Use AEL to hold subject exposure when framing the subject off center. How to use Auto Exposure Lock with various Minolta cameras: X-700, X570, X-370, X-370n, X-370s, X-9:Located in Self-timer/AE Lock switch on front of camera. Press down to lock exposure. Turning aperture ring in A-Mode will cause shutter speed to change to maintain locked exposure. Shutter-aperture settings are locked with X-700.Dynax 7000, 9000, 7xi, 9xi, 600si, 800si, Dynax 7, Dynax 9:A separate AEL button is located on the back of the camera's top cover. Press it to hold exposure. Shutter and aperture settings may be changed. If aperture is changed, the shutter speed will change to maintain the locked exposure. If shutter speed is changed, the aperture will change to maintain the locked exposure. (Dynax 7, Dynax 9, 800si, and 600si AEL button is lockable.)Pressing the shutter-release button halfway down will also lock the focus and exposure in these cameras. Dynax 5000, 3000i, 5000i, 7000i, 8000i, 5xi, 300si, 400si, 500si, 700si: Located in the shutter-release button. Pressing the shutter-release button halfway down locks both the exposure and the focus. It is possible to change shutter speed and aperture settings but the position of the setting controls makes this difficult. Settings can be easily changed with the rear dial of the 700si. NOTE With Dynax cameras, changing the zoom setting on the lens will cause a shutter speed change which will cause a corresponding aperture change. If you want to maintain a desired speed throughout the zooming range, it is best to set the camera to Manual mode.

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