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What is an IR-1 Remote and what cameras does it work with?

All X-series Minolta manual focus cameras with a remote terminal starting with the Minolta XD-11/XG-7 through the X-370s. Dynax 5000, 5000, 9000, 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi, 600si, 700si, 800si, 7, 9.
The Minolta IR-1 is an infrared remote controller, which can wirelessly trip a camera shutter from up to 200 feet away. The set consists of a transmitter and receiver with attaching cords for X-series and Dynax connection and an accessory bracket to enable placing the receiver on the side of a tripod mounted camera when flash shoe attachment is not desirable. The packaging also comes with an FS-1100 to enable mounting the receiver on a Dynax camera flash shoe. Both the transmitter and receiver have three channels to permit using more than one IR-1 set without interference.
Connecting cords: Screw-in cable for XD-11/5, XG, and X-Series; three pin push-on cord for Dynax cameras having a remote terminal.
The IR-1 will not work with the 5000i and 5xi, 500si.
The IR-1 MUST NOT be used with the Dynax 4, 40, 60, 5, 505si super, 505si, or 404si as damage to the camera will result.

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