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What cameras allow multiple exposure?

Exposing a frame of film multiple times without advancing is known as "multiple exposure." Manual focus cameras (discontinued) SRT-102/202XE-7XK manual wind. XD-7, XD-5 Dynax Autofocus: Multiple exposure is built into the Minolta 9000AF, Dynax 9xi, Dynax 9, Dynax 60, 7, 5, 4, 500si, 600si, 700si, 800si, 505si, 505si super, 404si. Multiple Exposure is available using the Multiple Exposure Custom Function Card with the 8000i, 5xi, 7xi, 9xi, 700si. When normally exposed, the film will receive 100% of the light needed for correct exposure each time the shutter is released. Therefore, exposure correction will most likely be needed for proper total exposure. You can do this by decreasing the exposure with the camera's +/- control (-1 for 2 exposures; -1.5 for 3; -2 for four exposures.) or multiplying the film ISO by the number of multiple exposures (ISO 100, 4 multiples + 100x4 = ISO 400).

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