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Why can't old-type flashes be fully used? Is there any way to use it?

The camera performs automatic flash control by reflected-light of pre-flash light. Therefore only flash units corresponding to pre-flash function of this model are available for flash control. An incompatible Minolta Program flash/Minolta Maxxum flash unit always fires fully; it is necessary to set the flash in manual mode, and the camera in M mode to set the aperture according to the adequate object distance. Generally guide No. and aperture and object distance have the following relation and adequate exposure is obtainable: Camera sensitivity: ISO 100 Guide No./ F No. = subject distance(m) (Please refer to the instruction manual of Flash about the guide No.) *Please set the camera sensitivity other than AUTO. (When setting at Auto, it is not suitable as the sensitivity changes.) *When the camera sensitivity is ISO 200/400/800/1600/3200, decrease the exposure at 1EV/2EV/3EV/4EV/5EV from the F No. calculated by the above relational formula ( Click 3 dial is equivalent to 1 EV). Please note the above-mentioned is only reference; adjust the distance and aperture to get adequate exposure after test shooting. (It is convenient to check by using the histogram function.) Other incompatible flash units except Minolta Program flash/Minolta Maxxum flash units cannot be used. (These flashes will not fire.)

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