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Which Dynax flash units can be used with this camera?

PROGRAM FLASH 3600HS(D), PROGRAM FLASH 5600HS(D), PROGRAM FLASH 2500(D), MACRO RING FLASH1200, MACRO TWIN FLASH2400 can be controlled automatically. For use of Macro ring flash, the macro flash controller (MFC-1000), which is also sold separately, is necessary. For the other flashes than the above, HS, Xi, i series, are not controlled automatically. The flash is set to fill-flash mode. ex. PROGRAM FLASH 5400HS / PROGRAM FLASH 5400Xi / PROGRAM FLASH 3500Xi / PROGRAM FLASH 2000Xi / PROGRAM FLASH 5200i / PROGRAM FLASH 2000i / PROGRAM FLASH 4000AF(*) / PROGRAM FLASH 2800AF(*) * The flash shoe adapter FS-1100 is necessary for PROGRAM FLASH 4000AF and PROGRAM FLASH 2800AF

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