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Can all Konica Minolta Dynax/Maxxum lenses be used with digital SLR cameras?

Yes. Basically all the lenses of A mount type (Minolta Autofokus lens mount) can be used, only some lenses have a certain limitation in functions. Anti-shake: Anti-shake effect cannot be obtained with 1x-3x Macro Zoom lenses. When using with 1x-3x Macro Zoom lenses, please turn off the Anti-shake. Anti-Shake effect decreases when a lens with Macro switch function is set for Macro shooting. Anti-Shake effect decreases when a lens with focus limiter function is used with a focus distance other than infinity with limiter setting. (except SSM lenses and Macro (D) lenses)

Anti-Shake effect decreases when the AF coupler between the lens and the camera is disconnected. In this case, 14-segment metering and ADI metering do not work, either. (except SSM lenses)
AF: AF may not work depending on the combination between lens and teleconverter. (e.g. AF does not work if open aperture is above f8.)

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