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The camera connected to USB port is not recognized as a removable disk.

Please confirm the following points.
(For cameras with remote camera support) Isn't the setting of [Transfer mode] of the setup menu "Computer Control"?
- Please choose [Setup 1] -> [Transfer mode] -> [Data storage] and try again.

USB connection : - See if the camera is correctly connected to the PC.
- The USB cable is firmly plugged in.
- The camera is directly connected to the computer's USB port. A USB hub may prevents the camera from operating properly.
- The memory card is surely loaded into the camera.
- If the computer features two or more USB ports, try other port.
- If there are other USB devices connected, disconnect all others.
- Try to connect with the PC's power on/off.

Battery Capacity: See the battery capacity is sufficient.
- Low battery power may prevent the camera from operating properly. Use of AC adapter is recommended.

For Windows Users:
- Windows98/98SE requires the dedicated USB driver installed from the DiMAGE Viewer CD-ROM.
- Confirm the condition in the device manager. (See instruction manual)
For Macintosh Users:
- With Mac OS 9.0 to Mac OS 9.2.3, click the Extensions in the Apple menu to return to the OS default settings and confirm if the connection is recognized by the system.

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