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  • DiMAGE Z6 Body Silver (no. 2806-101)
  • DiMAGE Z6 Body Black (no. 2806-151)
  • AV cable AVC-700 (no. 7733-820)
  • Neck strap NS-DG7000 (no. 6733-710)
  • SD Memory card (16MB) (no. 8700-866)
  • USB Cable USB-2 (no. 7735-220)
  • AA Alkaline Batteries (4 pcs) (no. 8698-109)
  • Lens Cap LF-243 (with Lens-cap strap LF243) (no. 6733-230)
  • Shoe Cap SC-1000 (no. 6806-600)
  • DiMAGE Software CD-ROM (J/E/F/G/S Versions)
  • Hardware Owner Manual ( 1 book each language)
  • Software CD-ROM (Dimage MasterLite & Kodak Easy Share) (7319-004)
Wide Converter Kit ZCW-300 (no. 6733-910)

The optional Wide Converter Kit adds to the versatility of the DiMAGE camera. The lens has an equivalent 35mm system focal length of 26mm wide angle that is ideal for capturing indoor or outdoor architecture and panoramic landscape shots.

The adapter-ring ZCA-300 is available separately. It has a thread-diameter of 52 mm.

Program flashes
Program Flash 2500 (D) (no. 8845-107)

With a guide number of 25 metres at ISO 100, it provides flash coverage for focal lengths as wide as 28mm. It features a bounce head that tilts 90 upward.

Program Flash 3600HS (D) (no. 8842-107)

This unit provides the maximum guide number of 36 in metres at ISO 100. It offers high-speed synchronisation in all shutter speeds. It boasts improved flash-metering performance that reduces or eliminates the effects of background conditions, all from an ultra-compact body.

Program Flash 5600HS (D) (no. 8841-807)

This high power flash enhances your indoor and night photographs. It offers a maximum guide number of 56 in metres (at 85mm and ISO 100).

Energy sources
AC-Adapter AC-11 (no. 8700-633)

Using this mains adaptor, your DiMAGE camera can easly be connected to the mains supply. This ensures constant power without having to replace batteries.

N.B. This does not charge the batteries in camera.

Powerpack EBP-100 Kit (no. 8700-122)

The kit contains a holder (BH-100, no. 8700-114), two lithium-ion batteries (NP-100, no. 8699-321) and a charger (BC-100, no. 8700-132).

The EBP-100 is connected via a jack to the rear of the camera body, while the holder can be attached to a belt offering room to move while photographing, thanks to a sufficiently long connection cable.

Further accessories
Leather Strap NS-DG1000 (no. 6778-710)
Soft Case CS-DG1000 (no. 6735-660)

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