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Primary contents

  • DiMAGE X1 (silver) (no. 2801-101)
  • DiMAGE X1 (black) (no. 2801-131)
  • DiMAGE X1 (wine red) (no. 2801-132)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery NP-1 (no. 7735-220)
  • Cradle CA-1 (no. 8699-342)
  • AC-Cord APC-150 for PEU ( except PUK) (no. 8700-204)
  • USB cable USB-3 (no. 8700-165)
  • AV cable AVC-700 (no. 7733-820)
  • Hand strap HS-DG150 (no. 6723-710)
  • SD Card 32 MB
  • OM CD-Rom Dimage MasterLite ( 12 lang.)
  • Software CD-ROM (Dimage MasterLite & Kodak Easy Share)
  • Hardware OM (1 book each language)
Energy sources
Lithium-Ion-battery NP-1 (no. 8699-339)

Due to its compactness almost no additional weight in your luggage.

This battery is rechargeable with Cradle CA-1 Set supplied as standard accessory.

AC-Adapter AC-502 (no. 8700-655)

Using this mains adaptor, your DiMAGE camera can easly be connected to the mains supply. This ensures constant power without having to replace batteries.

Further accessories
Marine Case MC-DG1 (no. 6723-101)

The marine case can be used when diving to a depth of up to 40 metres and can obviously protected the camera when used to shoot outdoor sports like mountaineering, mountain biking, windsurfing, or even just going to the beach. The MC-DG1 protects your camera from water, sand and dust.

Soft Leather Case (no. 9970-157)

Camera case for the DiMAGE X1


Case CS-DG104

Case for the DiMAGE X1 – CS-DG104

black (no. 6723-601)

Case CS-DG104

Case for the DiMAGE X1 – CS-DG104

white (no. 6723-602)

Case CS-DG104

Case for the DiMAGE X1 – CS-DG104

orange (no. 6723-603)

Case CS-DG104

Case for the DiMAGE X1 – CS-DG104

blue (no. 6723-604)

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